Incollect Magazine - Issue 2 Preview

9 Center Square, New Oxford, PA 17350 717-495-3395 Visit us online at: See us at the New Hampshire Dealers Show in Manchester, August 11–13 BECAUSE I LIKE IT More than a decade ago in response to the economic climate, I wrote an essay published as an advertisement entitled “BECAUSE I LIKE IT”. e following is an updated version I have re-written which addresses the situation we nd ourselves in today. e uncertainty of current times have caused many of us who love antiques to question their value now and in the future. Collecting has certainly changed and non-traditional objects are achieving record prices. But today as I walk through my gallery and assess my inventory I can say unequivocally that buying, owning and handling these pieces has given me far more pleasure than money sitting in investment accounts. I would much rather wake up at three in the morning and admire a painting or a painted chest — for which I paid a record price — than worry about how the markets are doing. For the past decade most of us have been a ected by the dramatic highs and lows of the stock market. I do not want my daily mood to be governed by the Fed’s monetary policy, supply chain issues or challenging pro t margins. at is why I buy antiques. ey make me happy to see, touch and own. So when our friends and clients come to me and say, “ e kids don’t want it, what do I do?” If you are ready to move on, the answer is to sell. Like any market, supply and demand will determine the current price of any antique. e incalculable value of the object is how much pleasure the thing has brought you, the thrill of the nd, the many stories you’ve told and the bragging rights you’ve earned. And there is the joy taken from seeing your old friends every day. Many of us place a premium value on beautiful objects which have stood the test of time and I applaud the moments in the market when great objects command great prices. I am not an expert in economics or the tax code but I do understand and love ne antiques. at is why I have devoted my time, passion and energy to this business. If you are considering selling something wonderful, I am always interested in buying. If you are contemplating acquiring a great piece, let me help you nd it. Sincerely, Kelly Kinzle